Canberra - September 2007

Support your local RSPCA mine is

Samara aka "Sammy"

(Born Dec 99, Adop'd: Feb 2000 - 11th Aug 2007)

Taken suddenly now waiting at Rainbow Bridge for me.



.. ... ....

Cairo (2000+) & Samara (1999-2007) - Kimba (1981-2000) - Fluffy (1970-1988)



RIP Cassie

Nearly 17 years of a great life with Mum & T. We lost your sister at Easter 2007 and now you are in Rainbow Bridge (2007).


Miss you - "love you Sammy"

RIP Samara

Cairo & I go on each day remembering the love we all shared in our little 'cat' family




RIP Spice

Most of your life was spent producing puppies until you were retired and Mum adoped you. Many health problems you endured but now you rest and are in no pain - see you at Rainbow Bridge (2007)